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I can't belive the number of times that I have gotten layed off the service! There are so many hot horny women out there it makes hard thinking about it! thanks iwantu! I had no time for bars since my divorce.

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Married and Flirting
My wife's night out, while on business, that she wrote to me. It was a Thursday evening and he had called to say he was going to be a little late. As I waited I nervously checked my appearance in the mirror. Was the shirt ok, was my hair falling seductively around my face or just hanging there? Maybe I should wear something else. Than the phone rang and he announced that he was in the lobby. Well no time to change..here goes for married and flirting. As I entered the lobby, I saw him sitting across the room. He seemed a little nervous also. As soon as he saw me he stood and started to move in my direction. As I approached the table we greeted one another. He asked me to sit and we chatted a little about married and flirting, just trying to break the ice. My first reaction was that he seemed very nice, pleasant and friendly. This could turn out to be an okay nite. We both quickly realized that we hadn’t had dinner and decided that we would try a place near by flirting . As we drove the brief 5 minutes to the restaurant, we chatted some more about our back grounds and what had bought each of us to the area. We have a common career in that we are both consultants. He was here for a conference and I was here working with a client. married was a continuation of getting to know one another. Of course the margaritas certainly helped loosen up the conversation as we moved from our jobs to our sexual preferences. Dinner didn’t last too much longer. I think we both were quite sure what was on the menu for desert. When we got into the car for flirting, he reached over and put his hand around my head. Gently he pulled me towards him and placed a slow hot kiss on my married lips.Its so nice i got the kiss when i married before .As we embraced his tongue pushed against my moist lips and I opened my mouth and allowed his exploring tongue into my inquisitive mouth. He tasted flirting and felt good. As he slides his tongue back, mine followed and I got to explore his mouth. It felt as nice as his tongue had. We couldn’t continue flirting this here in the car. Just this brief encounter had lead me to believe that tonite was going to be one of adventure and hot sex. Ok time to hurry back to the married room. On the drive back Jerome settled his hand on my leg. He slowly massaged my stocking covered leg as we drove. Never trying to explore above the hem of my skirt which rested about half way up my thigh. How he was able to concentrate on married driving, I will never know married and flirting. When we arrived at the married room, he searched the radio for some soothing music as I stepped into the bathroom to refresh. I reentered the room to the sound of gentle music and dimmed the lights. He had removed his shirt and I got my first view of his dark hairy flirting chest. He took my hand and pulled me to him. Embracing me and holding me tightly against his chest. We started to sway to the beat of the music. Slowly we began to dance as he held me tightly. He started to kiss my neck as we swayed. Small little moist hot kisses.. I could feel my self responding to him as I felt the warmth growing in my groin. He stepped back ever so slightly and positioned his lips over mine. Again the sweet taste of him was on my lips he placed another gentle kiss there. Opening my mouth I accepted his tongue and the full taste of it. He pulled off the shirt I was wearing and began to fondle my flirting breasts. He commented on how sexy I was. He nibbled my flirting nipples through the sheerness of my bra. Removing my bra he allowed my aching breast to feel his lips without the cloth between them. He nibbled again. When he tried to get too rough, I stopped him and told him he would get much further by gently playing with them. He responded married . I could feel the heat building in my groin. As he kissed me he put his hands on my butt. i didnt realize that i was already married and i was flirting ,he pulling me even tighter against his now hard cock. Quickly he started to undo my skirt. I suggested that I might be able to help and make things go a little easier. So I stepped back as I undid the zipper and allowed the skirt to fall to the floor. His immediate response was to grab by butt and pull me against him again. I reached down and could feel his hard cock which has been grinding against my groin. That was enough of a signal to him. He stepped back and undid his pants. I could see the large bulge from his hard cock through his boxers. He quickly stripped out of them. He stepped back and sunk into the chair. Without speaking a word, I knelt down between his legs and took his cock in my hands. Just imagine the contrast of my pale white fingers gripping the darkness of his black cock. I moved closer and began to lick the tip of his cock with my tongue. I wet my lips and slide them down over the darkness of his cock. I slide his as far in as I could. I could hear the pleasant moan rise from him. So I knew I was doing things right. I kept sliding my wet hot lips up and down his cock. All too soon I could taste a little of his precumm. Oh no I thought flirting, not yet. But thankfully he wasn’t ready to cumm. He commented that he was just teasing me with what was to come. He reached down and pulled me to him again kissing my mouth with tenderness and pleasure. He moved out of the chair and lay on the bed. He suggested that I lay down too for flirting. After a few more of those soft gentle kisses, he slipped of the bed. Where was he going, we were just getting started. I very quickly realized he wasn’t going any where. He pulled me toward the edge of the bed. Carefully positioning my legs so he could reach my pussy, he began to lick my cunt. He was slow, gentle and really seemed to be enjoying himself. So many times in the past having my pussy eaten just didn’t turn me on. I kept expecting the same tonite. But this was very different. His slow licking and playing was making me hot. I could feel that warmth building up in my groin. I reached down and held his head. As he continued to flick and lick my cunt, I rubbed his head in response to the heat building in me. As I started to cumm I tighten my hold so he couldn’t pull away as I came. I just exploded in a rapid hot surge of an organism. As I reached the full height of my climax, I begged him to stop. I relaxed and enjoyed the heat and throbbing of my organism. He gently massaged my thighs as I savored the moment. Before I had enough time to recover, Jerome suggested that I mount him. Since I really enjoy being on top I was happy to oblige. I positioned my self above his rock hard cock. I took him in my hand and slowly guided his black cock into my white, wet, hot pussy. I was truly surprised when he slided in so easily. I began to ride him. Slowly and cautiously at first, than faster as I could feel the organism building in my. He was stroking my nipples as I rode him. It didn’t take me very long to reach my first organism. But that wasn’t to be the end, not even maybe. He held my hips and kept me going, up and down on his cock. He could feel the warm juices of my cumm rubbing around his cock. Before I realized it I was rising to another organism. He encouraged me to cumm on his cock. To let him feel my juices dripping on his cock. I rode him with fever and knew he was going to cumm as he gripped my hips tightly and held me against him. He exploded, I could feel the pulse of his organism as he filled me. We continued to rock mixing his juices with mine after married. We held this position as we each enjoyed the pleasures of our organisms. We lay there relaxing from the heat of our organisms. I felt very content and satisfied. Between having my pussy eaten and just riding Jerome’s hard cock, I was feeling wonderful. Had that been it for the night I was glad we had this hot sexual encounter. But I was wrong, very wrong. . After laying there experiencing and massaging each other bodies, I could feel his cock starting to grow hard again. I continued to play with him wrapping my white fingers around his dark black cock. He responded quickly. Before I realized it he was rock hard again. I knew he would want more flirting with me. My cunt was still hot and wet, so I knew I could take him. It didn’t take long and he slid his hard dark cock into my dripping wet pussy. He held my legs up to his shoulders so he could penetrate me as deep as possible. I took him surprisingly easily. The hotter I got the more I stretched to accept him. Yet he commented that I felt tight against him and this was a turn on. Feeling me rubbing against his cock. He pounded hard, pushing my legs back. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to breath but that didn’t stop the heat and pleasure from building me. I could tell the intensity of his thrusts that he was close to organism again too. I told him to fill me up. Let his juices mix with mine. He responded with a rush of cumm. His throbs against my cunt made me exploded as well. What a great feeling. He collapsed against me. I could feel the pounding of his heart and the throbbing of his cock. We just laid there and enjoyed the moment. Neither of us ready to let go of the excitement of the moment. After we had relaxed for a while, Jerome mentioned that he didn’t to get going. He had a very early flight. He didn’t want me to think he was just running out. I told him I understood. We agreed that it had been a delightful sexual night.
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