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Jeff and Janet decided they needed to spice their marriage up a little.swinger Jeff had heard some of his buddies at work talking about a new swingers personal club that had recently opened. He excitedly ran home to tell swinger Janet about it. swinger Janet was raring to go. That Friday night they put on their sexiest clothing.swinger Janet wore a short skirt with black fishnet stockings, and high heels. Her top was low cut, and revealed her beautiful ample cleavage.swinger Jeff wore a pair of slacks that clung to him, revealing his large bulge. The 2 swinger personal excitedly entered the club. Once inside they had a choice of 2 personals room to enter. The first one, was called the numbers personals room. You were issued a number when you entered the personals room. Then someone would draw numbers from one box, and sexual acts from another. You had to perform whatever was on the sexual acts paper to whoevers number was drawn with yours. The second personals room was free for all personals room. You could swing, watch or both.swinger Jeff and swinger Janet had a hard time deciding which personals room to enter. The numbers personals room really intrigued them, but they weren't sure they were ready. Which personals room should they enter? swinger Jeff and swinger Janet decided they weren't quite ready for the numbers personals room yet. Who knew what they would get themselves into in there. So they decided to go into the free-for-all personals room and take some time to just watch and see what happened from there. As they watched what was going on the personals room, they both began to get really turned on. cheating swinger Jeff began stroking cheating swinger Janet's breasts as she reached over and found his already stiff cock. As swinger Jeff pulled swinger Janet's top off, a good-looking young man that had been sitting on the other side of the personals room watching the goings-on approached them. He was already naked. He sat down next to swinger Janet and reached over to touch her breast. swinger Janet enjoyed the feeling of another man touching her breasts so swingers date she let him continue. Before long swinger Jeff and the new cheating guy had swinger Janet completely undressed. She wasn't sure how far she wanted this to go. The slut young man asked swinger Janet if she would like to go with him to a private personals room.She wasn't sure she wanted to be alone with him, but as she turned to swinger Jeff she saw that a pretty blond was sitting next to him with her hand on his cock. swinger Janet licked the new cheating guys ear, What is your name? she whispered. Dan he answered. No, Dan, she whispered. Lets stay here. She pressed her mouth to his letting her tongue slide into his mouth. He fondled her breasts while she was sucking his tongue like a cock when she felt fingers near her clitoris, soft fingers were parting the lips, stroking her clitoris.She looked down to see the blond holding her cheating husbands cock with one hand and stroking her clit with the other. This was new to her, but felt good, she smiled at the blond and returned to kissing Dan. Soft lips touched the inside of her thighs, she twisted to see the blond head moving up to her womanhooshe fe took a deep breath and spread her legs. These cheeks were so soft, these lips were so soft, this tong feels so good.swinger Janet leaned back, taking Dan with her, til she was flat on her back, her legs spread wide, Dan fucking her mouth with his tong while fondling her breasts. swinger Jeff lay beside her. The blond, Mary, is quickly bringing swinger Janet to a climax. swinger janet felt her body ready to explode.she didn't realize how good a woman's touch was.just as she climaxed, the cheatinf wife felt cum sliding down her throat from dan.mmmmm...delicious!why had they waited so long to discover the pleasures from a swinger club.as she was recovering ,she noticed her cheating husband sliding his cock between the blonde's legs from behind.still laying down, she decided to repay the favor.she reached up with her tongue and starting lapping at the blonde's pussy.at the same time, she was able to lick her cheating husband balls . As she alternately lick her cheating husbands cock and balls and the blondes gaping cunt she sensed a new presence. A pair of hands began to caress her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples, and there was the unmistakable fell of an engorged cock rubbing against her backside. Sliding off of the blond's stomach she turned to see a handsome man in his early to mid-forties. Without a word exchanged between them, the slut wife slid into his arms and their mouths locked in a deep kiss. With her right hand she reached for his cock while his left hand slipped between her legs and his fingers moved into her wet folds. They continued like this for several minutes and then his lips left hers and his tongue slowly licked its way down to her right nipple, which married but looking man then expertly sucked into his mouth. In a few moments, cheating housband attention was directed to her left breast. All the while his fingers continued to explore her cunt, clit and pussy lips. She realized that she was in a state of bliss, and as she opened her eyes she was startled to see four or five other couples, including her cheating husband and the blonde, gathered around in a circle, watching her make love to the stranger. swinger Janet removed herself from her swinger lover and went to a darker part of the personals room. Another cheating woman took her place and the stronger she had been fucking hardly missed a beat. swinger Janet lay down and started to masturbate, watching the other couples all around.
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