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success story
I can't belive the number of times that I have gotten layed off the service! There are so many hot horny women out there it makes hard thinking about it! thanks iwantu! I had no time for bars since my divorce.

Married Couple w/ Bi Female
We are a married couple of 8 years. We love to have FUN, in and out of the bedroom! We have a very storng sex life which includes bringing others into our Our ideal match would be a single female or couple with a bi-female (a must). An OPEN mind is a MUST....

We have hundreds of swingers, girls, guys and couples ads updated every day. Threesome sex, Orgy, sexual fantasy, fantasy sex, MMF, FFM, sex. Find a new sex partner for threesome in your area ! Our Adult Clubs can help you ! Quick search and easy registration! A dating service for sexy single and swinging couples. Find a Date NOW! Browse our sexy profiles with pictures and sex stories.
Wive story
Dialog of a Drunk Wife
"Look out sweetheart...you had too much to drink" The husband said. "Only because you were trying to get me drunk" she slurred, "I did not either...you were the one that wanted one for the road." " I like you when you are drunk anyway." "You think you can take advantage of me drunk." "We're married I have a right to take advantage of you...›››

Swingers Stories.
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Cheating Husband
This happened a few years ago but it's a true story. Debbie was a very sexy wife with cheating Husband! For Christmas, I bought my sexy cheating wife a sheer black blouse. It has see through parts to it and I knew her tits would look beautiful in it. Debbie smiled, when she saw me look at it, in the store, and said she takes a medium! Debbie is a very pretty cheating woman, with long red hair and big green eyes. I couldn't wait to see her in her new top. And I knew that there was someone else who would enjoy it as much as me! Joe was a "bold guy", as Debbie used to call him, that my cheating wife used to play with. She was in advertising sales at the time. He was one of her customers. She would dress up sexy for their lunches together and Joe certainly showed the appreciation! He would take her to a country road called "Radical Road" (Joe was radical!) and play with her tits and pussy. One of his favorite dresses, she wore for him, was a dress that zipped down the front, all the way. It gave him easy access...He loved it when she sucked his x husband cock with her pretty mouth. And I loved to fuck her afterwards knowing how sexy my pretty cheating wife had been that day. I used to love to watch her dress sexy, in the morning, before going off to meet him. My cock would be stiff all day! He liked to play with her, in her husbands office, knowing that the cheating husband salesmen were just on the other side of the door. He would lean her against the door and kiss her while he reach under her skirt to feel her pussy. Joe is the perfect playmate, married, not looking for anything serious. Just bad, bold and horny! It's been a few years, now, since she has seen him. But we've talked about her meeting his husband for lunch, soon, wearing her new top, with no bra, and a black leather skirt. I know the cheated husband love to see her, again. And especially in that outfit. I'm sure he'll love seeing her nipples peek out at him, through her top, once she removes her coat. He always loved her nipples! He used to tease her, asking her to tell him about her nipples, while they had lunch. Maybe, after a couple of glass of wine, he'll take her back to Radical Road for some more fun. He'll undo her blouse and roll her nipples between the his finger and thumb while he kisses her and tell her how sexy her tits are. She'll reach down and stroke the cheating husband hard cock through the joe pants. Of course, he'll have to undo the joe pants, because every husbands will have gotten too tight. Then she'll lower her head to the cheating husband lap and tease the joe cock with the tip of her tongue before slipping it into her mouth. He'll reach under her skirt and slide the joe finger along the slit of her pussy, till he find her clit. He'll be very happy to discover that she is wearing the kind of nylons that have no panty! Then he'll slip the his finger, maybe fingers, into her wet pussy. He'll lay her back and tease her clit with his tongue and tell her how much he wants to fuck her. Maybe they will go to a motel and he can fuck her all afternoon! The thought of my wife being so nasty and sexy drives me wild. I'll have fun, all day, thinking about her. When she gets home, that night, I'll get to have "Sloppy Seconds", my favorite treat for many years! I'll feel her well fucked pussy slide over my stiff cock and relish the thought of my sexy cheating wife fucking her Joe in the same day! Making memories like that are fun for both of us!
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Swinging, by definition, cannot be done in isolation. So, the key prerequisite is finding, meeting, and getting to know other swingers. Once you know a few, meeting other couples should be easy because swinging is primarily a network activity and swingers are usually looking to expand their contacts by introducing the new to the veteran and by encouraging people to bring fresh faces to their social events. But, if you know no one, you are going to have to summon the courage to initiate contact on your own.
It may seem less intimidating to get started by correspondence, but, sooner or later, you'll have to face that first personal encounter anyway, so we recommend going directly to a gathering place such as a swinger's bar, club, or dance. There will be less pressure, more options, and you won't waste an evening trying to shake someone who wrote you a bunch of fabrications. And, don't just go once; there will probably be different people in attendance at different times.
For those who can't find clubs nearby (or can't find people they like at the clubs) or are simply looking for a new experience, there are numerous sites on the Internet where you can place and answer ads to find compatible couples. One advantage of these services is the possibility of finding partyers who live in locations you are planning to visit; thus making travel a lot more fun.
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