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I have so far enjoyed IWantU. It has been fun and interesting. I have seen some very interesting profiles and they all sound very nice. This is new for me and was a fun experience.

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Fuck My Wife - how's that for an invite? Well for the kinky guys and girls of the world it's a pretty often used one you'll be pleased to hear. In this age of sexual freedom more and more couples are trying out the kinkier side of things, and there are just as many guys willing to have a slut wife that will do anything to please her man, even when he invites his friends or even a total stranger to ' Fuck My Wife '. Well that's great I hear you say, but you want to know where you can see the wives in action right? Well that's where the fine folks over at Please Bang My Wife get up to - not content with merely getting strangers to fuck the wife, the couples featured on this site invite a stranger to do the deed, and let the whole event get filmed and put up on the site. Sometimes the husband will join in but most times he sits back and relaxes, as the guy doing the banging takes him up on his offer to Fuck My Wife! How's this for a selection of sweet looking wives that when the time comes and the husband decides, suck strangers cocks and let them fuck her to heart-pumping orgasms right in the same room as her turned on husband watching his wife having sex with a stranger...
My wife was the perfect 3 hole slut. Always the good girl willing to please, she let him use all her holes as he wanted. Marq finished by holding my wife’s head down and jacking off, flooding her mouth and face with his huge load of sperm till she couldn’t swallow fast enough and began to gag on it. When he got off her, I scooped the rest of his cum off her face into her mouth with my fingers so she could eat all of it. WHAT A WIFE!

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Female 4'11' 105lbs Brown hair with blonde highlites very pettite & Sexy. Male 5'6' 145 Brown hair. We are looking for a experienced couple for first time relationship & Or sexual encounter as to fulfill fantasy & Female bicuriosity. Age between 21 to 50 attractive, clean, DD/free. Safe sex is a must. G-Rated facial pics & Full body pics would be again a must. P.S Female has never had a sexual experience with any one else but myself! (As of yet.)
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We are a attractive 43yr old w/c wanting to explore the potential of new sexual adventures with select couples (she is a little bi-curious) . Both have blonde hair and blue eyes with above average well groomed bodies and work out daily. We want to meet couples who are ready to party if all agrees. Someone who we can share and experience our and their sexual fantasies with. We are looking for open minded couples that have similar interest and who will respect our desire to keep our new lifestyle private. Seeking Quality not Quanity. Your only regret will be if you don't reply. Were hot, free and fun.
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couple in early 30s looking for other clean couples and this is our first time.orlooking for biwoman for wife.we are not into pain , watersports,but just about anything else,we would like coulpes ,single or married women.but only married men ,no single men please.Also if your going to write our e-mail please add picture to it. xoxoxo
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Happily married CT couple. She:28, 5'7' 125#, long brown/red hair, beautiful, sexual, trimmed. He 47, 5'11', 180#, handsome, fit, w/ a huge, long tongue that can practically wipe his eyebrows! Very curious about this and wanting to explore with exciting females or couples. Must start casually, friends first, and see where it goes naturally. We're passionate, gentle, loving -- into long, slow exotic/erotic massages, touching, feeling, sensuality; exploring new things and fun doing it. Must be d/d free, attractive and fit slim/athletic, intellegent, fun to be with and around. NO SINGLE MEN responses with pix get reply, 'G' rated OK. No phonies, fakes, losers. We're very real, so please, you be too. Respond with alt e-address. ABSOLUTELY NO SINGLE MEN! Save your tokens.
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My wife
I'm Dave I'd been a bit of a lad on the side; fucking any woman I fancied who'd accommodate me. Because of this I had had a vasectomy, I hadn't wanted to have unplanned sprogs complicating matters. I also had a voyeuristic desire to watch my wife being screwed by other men, but she'd have none of it.

Eventually I got too brazen with my affairs and too close to home, shagging her two younger sisters. Unfortunately one of them became possessive with me and when I wouldn't leave my wife to marry her she confessed about our adultery. My wife immediately threw me out, divorced me and got most of my money to boot.

Eventually I ended up poor but with quite a good job working for a company owned by an eccentric millionaire and his only daughter. The pay wasn't bad although they expected their pound of flesh in hours worked and efficiency.

One day all the divorced male members of the company who'd got children were made to fill in a questionnaire about our own our parents and children's health and achievements. After this forty men all aged from about 35 to 45 were sent to a health farm for a week.

There we had exhaustive tests for sexual and every other form of disease. We were also questioned about any inherited genetic faults in our family's history. Later we were given physical trials, as I have always worked out and ran daily this was no problem for me.

A month later I had a call to go back to the health farm, I still didn't know what it was all about but as I was being paid why should I care. There were only three of us this time and we were each given luxury apartments.

The following day we were summoned to the massage area. Each of us were put into separate cubicles and questioned about our current female attachments. I said I had no one seriously since my divorce and overheard the guy in the next cubicle saying he had just got engaged and was madly in love with his fianc?. He was then taken away from the area. The guy in the cubicle opposite and myself were told to strip for a massage.

Two beautiful sexy female masseurs one black one white started work on my back after smothering me with oil. This was not the hard muscle pressuring that I expected, but a more sensual sensation altogether. Four hands were working over me from my neck to my feet. I was wonderful especially from such gorgeous girls.

Suddenly it got even better, the woman working on my lower half opened my legs and started to rub oil into my bum. She put her hands down and rubbed my balls and anus. You don't need to be told what affect this had on me I started to stiffen immediately.

Now turn over one of the girls said, I was reluctant because of the erect state of my penis, but the girls said don't be shy and turned me over. I reddened with embarrassment my cock sticking out like a flagpole. The girls giggled then took of their white cloaks and they were naked underneath!

The white girl was blond and had a shaved pussy and huge tits; she had a fantastic figure, a very slim waist and a models bum and thighs that had the shapely fat only seen on very young girls. The black girl was at least eight months pregnant and had an incredibly hairy cunt, her lips hung down several inches and a very big red clit poking out of its hood.

Her bum was a perfect black girl's bigger and more prominent than her friends. Her breasts were smaller than the other girls but her nipples were nearly two inches long set in massive areole six inches across. Not only that but there was milk seeping from her nipples she was lactating!

By this time my cock was harder than I have ever known it and extended to its full seven inch's. The black girl said I get the impression that he wants to fuck us, is that right mister. Yes please right now, I want you both you're so beautiful. The white girl giggled and said if you're a good boy you can shag us both until you come, but you must be patient. I've got something to show you first.

With that she turned on a video screen wall over ten feet across and I could see the other guy, with him he also had two naked girls. One was a petite Asian whose body could have been a ten year olds except for her huge breasts and very hairy black bush. The other girl was a Latino, with a shaved pussy, her outer lips swollen and puffy and between them bright pink inner lips. Not only that she had the perfectly formed breasts of a young teenager, firm and shapely.

My white girl said If you can't cum with us two you can fuck them to if you like! Did I like! Each one was a sex maniacs dream, but with all four I'd need a week to have my fill of them. Then I noticed on the screen the Latino girl move to one side and I could see the other guy. He was like six foot six mister universe covered in muscles, he must have weighed twenty stone with no hint of fat and he was easily double my size.

I caught my breath when I saw his cock. It was a monster, perhaps ten or twelve inches long and as big round as a cola can with balls the size of grapefruits. It was standing out like a flagpole; his tip bulging like an apple and I could see pre come dripping off it. He was ogling my two girls on his closed circuit wall; no doubt he'd been told he could have them as well later.

I wanted to fuck the girls now, but they said I had to wait a bit, but they would make my patience worth my while. The white girl kissed my cock but when I tried to get her to suck it she moved back and said not yet be patient. The black girl asked if I wanted some milk from her breasts and of course I did. She put her left nipple in my mouth and squeezed tit; warm milk shot in it was rich and creamy. She did it several times then the same with her right tit.

Now would you like to suck my pussy, the gorgeous black babe said? She got on the table and lowered her fleshy cunt down on to me; she was distended as only a pregnant woman could be. My mouth was filled to over flowing with dark outer lips and pink inner ones, she ground her clit onto my tongue and it felt like a two-inch penis. As I licked she came, shaking and shuddering, she was mewing loudly then shouted now and spurted stream after stream of cunt juice down my throat.

I was in heaven I wanted her to suffocate me with her pussy and without any contact my cock was twitching. Only with great self-control was I able to stop my spunk from spurting there and then.

When my black lover had cum the white girl moved up to the bed and let me feel and suck on her mammoth tits. They were soft and pliable with just a hint of droop from there great weight, these were natural not fakes for sure, despite being at least 45f, what made them look even bigger was her tiny waist no more than 17 inches round. This girl was a wonderful freak of nature; I had to fuck them as well as the four cunts that were on offer to me.

A woman spoke through the speakers, Ok girls 'I'm here now. The disembodied voice said, "Gross." Then there was silence and the bored sounding woman's voice said, "you can start doing it now girls, I've set the clocks." Now the white girl straddled my head and let me suck on her puffy shaved pussy, then moved back on me straddling my cock while the black girl smothered my hard on with oil and guided it into her friend's cunt.

At last the lovely girls silken sheath enveloped my member, it was fantastic, I'd never felt anything so erotic before in my life. The girls huge soft tits were banging away onto my face each time she moved it on my penis. The black girl was rubbing my balls and kissing them at the same time, this was wonderful.

Then they changed places, the black girl was kneeling with her pregnant tummy touching the couch. Her now even more massively distended pussy lips were open, her hole pink and available, it was like a pink cavern, big enough for her baby to come through already. It was so big I was temped to double fist fuck her, but decided not to.

The white girl took my cock and guided it in, surprisingly the big black cunt closed around it and felt so soft like a young virgins pussy. How did she do that, great pussy muscle control I suppose? I didn't care I just wanted to fill it with my spunk, my god I wished she had let me breed her instead of the other guy. Now the white girl was licking my balls, I had to stop myself coming immediately, trying to make it last to have all four pussies as I'd been promised I could.

The disembodied bored sounding female voice came from the wall panel; don't forget girls I want to see them come. I looked up and there was a series of cameras all round the room from various levels. Was this the making of a blue movie, would I find it on sale in sex shops and on the net? I didn't care if I did, perhaps I could make it my career fucking gorgeous girls and getting paid well for it, bliss!

Now I felt my spunk stirring I wouldn't be able to hold on much longer, the girls sensed it to and to my horror the pregnant black girl took her cunt off me. I laid out on my back with both girls kissing the sides of my cock, both saying cum lover.

I wanted to come in a cunt but I was held down and despite this couldn't stop myself shooting the hardest I've ever done in my life including those early teenage wanks. Sperm shot out over eight feet and splattered the wall screen, I groaned and shot stream after stream twenty in all until I collapsed on the bed.

The disembodied voice said that was ok now help the others with the big guy. With this the two girls left me with a wink, and the white girl said we'll be back for seconds when you've recovered, watch the screen.

I was watching, the huge dick was spearing in and out of the Latinos cunt; he seemed to have fantastic energy. Then after the other two girls arrived he tried to reposition his weapon so he could get it up her anus. Immediately there was the disembodied voice again, "Stop that you dirty man, that's a sin, that buggery!"

The Asian girl held the big thing stopping its anal penetration and opening her own cunt let him fuck her deeply, emitting a scream as he bottomed out inside her. The muscular man had great stamina; he fucked all four girls in shifts for nearly two hours before the girls felt him about to come.

He was laid out and got the same treatment as me except that all four girls were licking the sides of his member's great length. The whole ten-foot screen was now full of his massive cock the veins stood out and I waited for his eruption. Then it came, what a disappointment, just a few dribbles came out of the end and rolled off it. I could only think he'd cum already today and hadn't anything left.

This woman's voice came over the speakers again, "Now change and try again."

Thank goodness I thought as my cock had been rock hard for the past hour and I'd only resisted rubbing it by the thought of the girls coming back. This time the girls had changed and I was soon shagging the Latinos smooth cunt. She got off and the Asian mounted me, god she was tight, she was young but had magnificent tits.

I could see on the screen my previous two lovers trying to get the other man's big cock hard again but without success. That's his problem, I thought as I rutted into the slant eyed girls black haired cunt. Again they sensed my orgasm was coming and laid me down on my back, I shot again, almost as much as before just falling short of the screen this time, eight times I ejaculated and collapsed.

This wasn't all, now all four girls took it in turns to stimulate me and with bodies like theirs they had the right tools. I fucked all night with one of the other until I had come on eight separate occasions. The big man had not even managed to get a hard on again, obviously a once a night man, at one point he tried to rub himself but the disembodied woman's voice said Dirty man, and the girls pulled his hand away.

My cock was eventually so sore I couldn't get it up again and I fell asleep with my head resting on the Latino girl's tits.

The next day I was lying naked in bed with no covers and woke with the feel of a hand on my cock. Sleepily I opened my eyes and was shocked when I realized it was the other man, "get off!" I said, "your gay then!" "No man I'm bi, I'll fuck anyone, why don't you give it a try we can suck each other, then you can fuck my bum hole if you like.

I jumped from the bed, saying, "That's disgusting" my cock had shrivelled to about an inch at the prospect. His hadn't, he was rampant again, the monster was fully hard again and dripping pre cum! Come on man" he said, "just let me shove it up your arse, you don't know what you've missed unless you try!"

Grabbing my hand he wrapped it round his cock, it felt like a foot long steel pipe covered in tight veins. But I wrenched away, " Come on lover," he said, "getting hold of my waist and pushing his thing in between my buttocks, trying to get it up my anus, but I was clenching it shut, "Leave me alone I'm not a homo" Then he put his hand round me, grabbed my soft cock and started wanking me.

He was far stronger than me was trying to analy rape me! I His could feel his cock head trying to push up my bum hole. I screamed out, "Help me please somebody!" As soon as I shouted, two big men dragged him off me. The disembodied woman's voice came from wall speakers; it said, Dirty, Dirty man!

Later that day I was called up to the tenth floor of our headquarters building to see the Chairman. He explained his daughter Antonia was his only child, after she was born there was a car accident when her mother was killed and he was confined to a wheelchair and was now impotent. This had spurred him on to work on amassing his fortune and investing it, he'd been spectacularly successful in this as his fortune proved. When Antonia spoke I recognised it as the disembodied voice from earlier, she'd obviously been weighing up our sexual potential and performances.

A deal was put to me, I'd been picked to marry then impregnate his daughter. The other guy who'd tried to anal rape me had been the favourite but had proved by his actions he was bi and could be a problem for them if he picked up diseases.

I pondered when should tell them I was infertile because I'd had the op. But hadn't said anything before he explained the financial package involved for me. I would be paid a salary of ten times my present one just to marry his daughter. I'd have the run of several houses the use of luxury cars; boats and all the things money could buy.

I was to fuck Antonia only when she wanted it to impregnate her and produce a couple of children as heirs to his and eventually his daughter's fortune. All the money would pass to the children; I wouldn't inherit but would get paid a bonus of a million pounds for the first birth and two million for the second.

On the other hand if I failed to father a child within two years I'd be divorced with a small pay off so she could get another stud. I needed the money so keep quiet about my vasectomy; I could try to get it reversed later. I accepted and signed the pre nuptial agreement.

Within a month we were married and living on the companies Island in the most fantastic house worth millions.

There was a huge 3500 acres reached by a causeway only fordable for an hour at low tide. My wife's a sexy looking, a pretty woman 5 foot five tall with long auburn hair, 38 years old; slim with a small sexy bum and 36dd tits. a figure that turned men's heads, despite the functional clothes and flat shoe she habitually wore.

Her looks though covered up the fact that she was frigid, she wasn't interested in sex. She'd told me that she'd never masturbated, shuddering when she said the word; she said it was dirty and I was not to mention it again.

She'd been boarded out in a catholic nunnery public school, that had strict taboos instilled into its girls only pupils. Any girl that showed any sexual tendency was soundly spanked and if this didn't work was shipped out to another school abroad. My wife had taken it all in, sex was for procreation only not for pleasure or personal gratification. She stuck to this, so much so that up to our wedding she was still a virgin at thirty-five.

The only reason she'd married was that her farther told her it was time she had children so he could pass on his money to his direct relatives. She summoned me to her bed chamber and told me to do her, she lay on her back wearing a flannelette type nighty and pulled it up just enough to allow me to get to her cunt and no more. Her pussy was very hairy with long dark droopy lips it was also very dry. She didn't seem interested at all, I tried to lick her cunt to make it wet but she said, "No that's dirty, use this!" She handed me a tube of KY jelly that I used on my cock and her hole.

Well I was randy and fucked her as hard as I could but she just lay still there like a corpse. I couldn't rouse any passion at all from her so eventually let my load of cum go up her cunt. Once per month when she was most fertile we did the same thing. She let me know in no uncertain terms I was just the hired stud paid to impregnate her.

I tried to make inquiries about getting my vasectomy reversed but was never allowed to be alone. My job as well as to impregnate her was tied up with travelling around the world being the bagman and token husband. It was impossible to get away from her to have the reversal operation. Minders constantly watched me when we were anywhere else but the island. Perhaps this was in case I may have outside sexual contacts?

I was amazed myself that they'd been so inefficient in not getting a sperm count before we were married. But the money was good and it was a luxury lifestyle that I wanted to continue. After we'd been married a year with no pregnancy, her father died and she was a billionaire.

Unfortunately she was now aware that she needed to have a child to continue the dynasty. She was reluctant to have fertility tests done in case she proved to be the one with the problems. As she said I had already got three children so my sperm must be all right. But she made an appointment for the tests in four months time. Then I'd be exposed and divorced, my life of luxury over.

I was frantic what could I do, even if I had her murdered I wouldn't inherit her money and I'd be back to being poor again. If only she would fuck someone else, but she would never agree to that. But I had to do something!

Part of my job on the island was to interview staff and we needed a gardener. The man would get a small cottage and reasonable rates but would be almost marooned on the island. There weren't many enquiries and as soon as the person found out about it being on an isolated island all the married men pulled out. There was only one applicant left and he turned out to be a man in his sixties.

The man Mark arrived, he was about my own size build and colouring but looked rather dirty and smelled of sweat. There was no way I wanted this man, then my wife came into the room and when she bent down facing away from us he leered at her bum. When she left, I was about to tell him off for this, when I had an Idea.

I asked him if he fancied the woman that had been in the room and he said yes he did he'd love to fuck her. But he said no one like that would look at him, but I get some just the same. I asked him how did he do that, as his appearance wouldn't attract women.

He said he'd a lot of the so called date rape drugs and he'd been a barman and had slipped some into woman's drinks then fucked them without them being able to remember it afterwards.

I said I expect you used a condom so they couldn't trace you if they were suspicious? He said he did originally but recently being able to impregnate women had turned him on. So he'd done three bareback, they had all got pregnant, so he'd decided he'd better move from the district before their kids were born in case their husbands noticed the resemblance to him. This was why an island home would be ideal, except he needed sex badly.

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